FAW Group Company is a Chinese language state-owned automotive production company headquartered in Changchun, Jilin, China

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FAW Group Firm is a Chinese language state-owned automotive developing company headquartered in Changchun, Jilin, China. Its main products are cars, buses, light, medium, and heavy-duty automobile and pickup trucks parts. FAW became China’s first automobile manufacturer when it unveiled the country’s first domestically produced passenger car, the Hong Qi, in 1958.

FAW is one of the “Big Four” Chinese language automakers alongside Changan Vehicle, Dongfeng Engine, and SAIC Engine. In 2014, the company ranked third in conditions of output making 2.7 million whole vehicles. The business has three publicly bought and sold subsidiaries: FAW Car Company (SZSE: 000800), Tianjin FAW Xiali Vehicle Co Ltd (SZSE: 000927), and Changchun FAWAY Car Components Co Ltd (SSE: 600742).

In 1953, the first 12 months of the first five-year plan, First Car Works broke surface on its first manufacturing plant though it didn’t produce its first product, the 4-lot Jie Fang CA-10 pick up truck (predicated on the Russian ZIS-150), until 1956.

Soviet Russia lent assistance of these early on years providing tech support team, tooling, and creation equipment. Before its first manufacturer opened, 39 Chinese language FAW employees journeyed to the Stalin Pick up truck Factory for education in truck creation. Businesses were conducted in the Soviet mildew, and Russia is even acknowledged with choosing Changchun as the positioning for the first FAW vehicle manufacturing unit. The populous city boasted an professional base left over from Japanese occupation and, located in northeastern China, is near Russia.

First Auto Works primarily made only commercial vehicles but started out producing passenger autos in 1958. These vehicles, the Hong Qi luxury sedans, were the first produced Chinese language cars domestically. Limited to party elite, the look changed little over their thirty-year production run. Third ,, FAW’s Audi products will be the traditionally preferred choice for standing Chinese state officers. These Audis are, alongside Beijing Benz Mercedes Benzes a few of the only European luxury cars to acquire gained acceptance in the Chinese language market.

In 1992, the real name First Vehicle Works was evolved to China FAW Group Firm. Though FAW was the fourth Chinese automaker to defend myself against Western partners, its early jv with Volkswagen in 1990 saw it end up being the second Chinese auto company to build up a solid cooperative relationship with a foreign counterpart. SAIC was the first, in 1984 and with VW also. Other, failed foreign-Chinese joint ventures preceding FAW-VW are what’s now Beijing Benz (around partner AMC) and the failed Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company.

Volkswagen was the first overseas spouse for FAW, but others followed soon. The business acquired 50% ownership of Tianjin Automotive Xiali in September 2002 and renamed the brand Mercedes FAW Tianjin. As a total result, FAW were left with Toyota as a overseas joint venture spouse. FAW founded a jv with Standard Motors in ’09 2009 and has joint projects with a small number of other overseas companies as well.

The business produced more than 1.5 million vehicles in 2008, and in ’09 2009 it was the most significant machinery corporation and the next major auto manufacturer in China. This year 2010, the two 2.56 million models sold managed to get the 3rd most-productive vehicle manufacturer in China that 12 months, and one of its offerings, the FAW Xiali, was the 7th most-purchased car in China this year 2010. It produced 2.6 million vehicles in 2011, the third-largest outcome of any China-based company. Although it maintained its third place get ranking, the amount of entire vehicles stated in 2012 slowed to 2.3 million. Traveler cars constructed a comparatively scant 64% of total development that year.


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